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Training and Community Education

Our Training Team is able to develop training and presentations that are crafted to the needs of the requesting agency as well as providing trainings based on the current trends and analysis of the ongoing need for victim service providers. . 

Training and Outreach Portal

Our online training portal allows you to register for upcoming and ongoing training.  We work to provide training in the field of victim services through an online membership program that provides access to classes, seminars, and online courses.

The Pee Dee Coalition's Training Program Leadership is made up of over 60 years of experience working with victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. They bring a variety of different backgrounds to the team that enhances the ability to provide a rich curriculum and delivery. Members have backgrounds ranging from law enforcement, educators, social services, juvenile justice, military, counseling, and many more. With this level of experience and expertise, we are able to craft learning experiences that fit the needs of our community and service providers. 

 Online Class

We strive to provide a high caliber level of training to community members, local businesses, and service providers that focus on the impacts of abuse and trauma. With our learning management system, we are able to provide one on one, remote, virtual and live training that are centered around the training needs of our community. 

Team Building

Welcome to the

Pee Dee Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Assault.

Please register here to begin your new hire training and start your journey with us as we work together to support the victims in the Pee Dee region and the State. 

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Register for ongoing continuing education courses and internal professional staff development. These trainings are intended for current Pee Dee Coalition staff, volunteers, and interns. Please use your work email to register. 


Our range of trainings are created to assist victim service providers, first responders, community organizations, and allied professionals build their capacity to better serve victims. While all of our trainings are at no cost, there is always a need for donations. To donate online, please click the Donate button and select the program you wish to support from the form’s drop-down menu


Our Training Team is able to develop, design, and deliver customized technical assistance on a wide range of topics to address your organization's needs to better support victims that you serve.

  • Community Education Presentations

  • Educational Materials Distribution

  • Community-Wide Events

  • In-Service Training for Professionals and Volunteers

  • Recognition of Annual Focus Months

  • Legislative Information and Updates

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