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Shelter Program

The Shelter Program consists of two shelters for female victims and their children.


Emergency Safe Shelter (ESS)

The Pee Dee Coalition Emergency Safe Shelter is a place at an undisclosed location where mothers and children come to be safe from fighting and violence. Shelter is just one of the services provided by the Pee Dee Coalition.

– Undisclosed Location for abused women and their children
– Accommodations for up to 25 women and children on a temporary basis
– Comprehensive services

New Beginnings Transitional Shelter

Long term (up to 24 months) shelter for formerly abused women and children who are homeless 


Accommodations for up to 32 women and children

Case management, life skills, counseling, information, and referral services to help women secure skills and resources needed to be self-sufficient

Tree Lined Park

Emergency Safe Shelter (ESS)

Who Is Eligible?
There are a few factors to being received at the shelter including:

Women and their children who are in immediate danger of family violence may receive shelter
No person seeking services shall be discriminated against on the basis of age, sex, religion, race, or handicap
Male victims needing safety will receive appropriate referrals.

The shelter is staffed 24 hours a day with people who understand the confusion, pain, shame, as well as love, that trap partners in a cycle of violence. They are people who know how to listen without judging and how to offer practical help. They don’t promise solutions, but give victims the space and support to see new options.

How Does the Shelter Help?
While the primary purpose of the shelter is to provide a safe house for victims of domestic violence, we also offer structured programs for all residents, including:

  • Counseling about the complicated issues surrounding violence in the home.

  • Support groups for women and children.

Court Accompaniment
Advocacy regarding housing, education, legal matters, and referrals to community resources.

Discussion group topics include:

  • Parenting Skills

  • Managing Conflict

  • Money Management

  • Other Living Skills

Activity groups for children who stay at the shelter and after-school programs focusing on learning and fun.

For more information, call (843) 669-4694.

Homework Help

New Beginnings Transitional Shelter (NBTS)

New Beginnings Transitional Shelter includes a 5,159 square-foot, two-story house, five acres of fenced land, a children’s playground, and a gated-electronic entrance security system to provide a comfortable and safe environment for formerly abused women and children who are homeless. The shelter can house up to 32 women, including children.

The Marlboro County facility at 3615 Hickson Road, Wallace, SC, (about four miles from Cheraw) represents an important addition to the Coalition’s emergency shelter program—which began in 1989 with an emergency safe shelter at an undisclosed location.

When an abused woman has stayed in an emergency shelter for the maximum number of days or has left an abusive situation and is no longer in crisis, she may have nowhere to go. At New Beginnings Transitional Shelter, such women and their children can have a place to live, access to support and resources for up to 24 months so they can develop the life skills necessary to live independently.

Developing life skills and securing resources to live self-sufficiently takes time. A survivor may be on a waiting list for housing, trying to find employment and/or working to secure safe transportation. She may need to complete her education, open a bank account or get a driver’s license. Regardless of the specific needs, the reality is that abused women and their children sometimes need transitional shelter and services for an extended period. New Beginnings Transitional Shelter offers survivors that time and those opportunities.

Services provided to abused women at New Beginnings Transitional Shelter include:

  • Life Skills

  • Transitional shelter  

  • Parenting groups

  • Information and referral

  • Transportation

  • Individual and group counseling

  • Resource procurement assistance

  • Personal advocacy

  • Case management

  • Living skills training

  • Access to computers and the internet

Services provided to children who accompany their mothers to New Beginnings include:

  • Transitional shelter

  • Homework support

  • School enrollment

  • Individual and group counseling

  • Group activities

  • Access to resources

  • Access to computers and the Internet

  • Transportation

For more information, call (843) 669-4694.

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